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Autosonic Unified Communications

As part of being a Vodafone Silver Business Partner, Autosonic can provide One Net and One Net Express solutions as well as the cloud based solution, Microsoft Office 365.


Vodafone One Net is a total phone solution that seamlessly integrates your mobiles with the landlines you already have. So whichever number your customers dials, your employees can answer calls at their desks or outside the office - helping you to deliver a better way of working.

  • No call divert charges between your mobile and your Vodafone One Net landline
  • Features like Hunt Groups and Call Transfer on your landlines & mobiles
  • Consolidates all your voicemail messages in one place
  • A flexible solution that grows with your business
  • One phone company, one bill - total simplicity
  • With Vodafone One Net Express there is no need to invest in a separate fixed landline with another phone network. Just add your current landline number, or a new virtual one, to your mobile. With no call divert charges between your mobile and your Vodafone One Net Express landline number.
  • Make and answer 'landline' calls on the move
  • New customers always 'call local'
  • One voicemail, one bill - easy to manage
  • Plus professional call handling in and out the office with Sharer plans.


  • Office 365 is a hosted, cloud-based IT solution that combines Microsoft's latest Office software and a suite of communication tools with Vodafone's telephony and connectivity services. It's ideal for businesses with 5-250 employees. As many companies now have the latest smartphones, PCs and tablets running familiar Microsoft Office applications, Office 365 will give the best possible way of working in the office and on the move.


Autosonic Unified Communications