Autosonic In-Car Technology Aberdeen
Autosonic In-Car Technology Aberdeen


Autosonic offer the latest In-Car Technology from Pioneer and Kenwood, from basic head units right up to the top of the range Satellite Navigation products. We also offer the most up to date Android enabled head units that have pre-installed apps such as Google Maps, Email, and Internet search, many more are available from the Android Market Place.

Autosonic can also install iPod connectors to many of the manufacturers original head units. All connectors are compatible with the latest iPods and will charge the iPod as it is being used.

Through our partnership with Rosen Entertainment we supply and install DVD replacement headrests. The headrests are made specifically for your vehicle and matched to your upholstery.



Autosonic offer under-cloth dual level heated seat systems. A small discreet button operates the seat pad with a choice of two heat settings. The system uses interwoven carbon fibre technology, that offers 100% heat distribution so there are no hot spots or weak points. These are available for most makes and models of vehicles with leather or cloth seats.



We offer a range of parking sensors from the traditional flush fitting sensors with audible alert to a combined display with audio feedback. The kit uses 4 ultrasonic sensors fitted to the front/rear bumper, sensors are strategically positioned to detect close obstacles and transmit an audible warning signal to the driver. The frequency of the beep will increase the nearer the vehicle moves closer to the obstacle. Sensor can also be painted to match the colour of the vehicle.



Autosonic have a partnership with BHP-UK, who are the number one choice for Vehicle ECU Remapping across the UK. By custom remapping each and every engine and vowing never to offer a generic “one-size-fits-all” remap file, BHP-UK are a leading service provider within the ECU Remapping Industry. Their in-house remap technicians tailor each remap specifically for you and your vehicle, whether it be for performance or fuel economy. Autosonic will take a reading of your vehicle at our premises, this is instantly send to BHP-UK and a remapped file is sent back, we then upload it to your vehicle, no need for your ECU or vehicle to leave our premises.

Autosonic In-Car Technology Aberdeen


Kenwood’s new in-car systems include state-of-the-art Digital Radio and FM/AM receivers. The latest digital technology, means for the first time listening to digital radio on the move is free of annoying breaks and distortion. Clever technology will even switch from digital to FM (and back again) if there is a local signal problem. Connect your Android smart phone to your Kenwood car audio system via the USB cable which comes with your smartphone and control playback of your phones music library via the car audio system.



Kenwood navigation systems show you the way to your destination as well as all the information you need along the way. Powered by Garmin's cutting-edge navigation technologies which gives you easy operation and sharp display of maps for mistake-free navigation. The new navigation systems store detailed road data for virtually all of Europe. EcoRoute helps you find more fuel efficient routes and provides a Fuel and Mileage Report so you can keep track of fuel usage. It also features ecoChallenge that helps drivers improve driving habits and increase fuel efficiency.